On Sunday 4th September 3 members (myself included) of McCarthy Bennett Holland will don their workout gear and attempt the Wigan 10k.  We do this not to raise awareness of MBH but in an attempt to raise awareness for the Lewy Body Society.

Most of you are probably thinking right now, what is Lewy Body?  Well a friend and the chairwoman of The Lewy Body Society told me that it is the worst bits of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease put together.  Sounds horrendous doesn’t it and yet it is relatively unknown to most.  I am told that wrong diagnosis can cause serious problems and difficulties for sufferers with Lewy Body.

MBH therefore wanted to help.  Of course if you would like to donate to this worthy cause the link is below.  But perhaps just take a moment to read about Lewy Body and share or like this post.  Awareness helps.  Awareness matters.


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