Work Experience at MBH Solicitors

During the past week, I have been part of the team at McCarthy Bennett Holland. Despite studying law at college, I wasn’t fully aware of what being a solicitor meant.

I have learnt that being a solicitor is more than just following the law.  It is about supporting your client.  I have noticed that it is massively important to create personal relationships with the clients and so far in every appointment I’ve had the pleasure to sit in on each solicitor has taken time to know the client, to support their wishes and to make them feel comfortable.

Before I came to do my work experience here, many people said that it could change my mind and make me want to refrain from studying to become a solicitor.  However, I feel this week has encouraged me to look forward to my hopefully future career.

I have sat in client meetings (where allowed), I have read case files and I have even sat on reception.  However, the most important thing I have done this week is understood what being a solicitor actually means.

Written by Olivia Mills, Student at Winstanley College

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