My Work Experience at McCarthy Bennett Holland Solicitors

My name is Nathan, and I currently study law at Winstanley College in Orrell. I was given the opportunity to attend a work placement, courtesy of MBH Solicitors, to further my knowledge regarding my dream job as a solicitor, on the 20th to the 24th of January. This was ultimately to help obtain a first-hand experience of the job and to also better myself in the industry by observing consultations between qualified solicitors and their clients. In addition, I was also shown how to fax, scan and photocopy documents such as driver’s licences and other files, all under written and signed agreement of complete and utter client confidentiality.

To recollect upon my many consultations within conveyancing, alongside Ms Caroline Rooks, I can personally say I have benefited greatly from these instances, both observing the process of a consultation, in addition to the interaction and bond between client and solicitor. These consultations illustrated the inside work of solicitors, that non-members of the profession rarely get to see. Therefore I count myself extremely lucky for this opportunity to observe and participate in these ‘inner workings’ further expanding and enhancing my dreams to become a solicitor.

I personally prefer to receive an education, in such ways as work experience, as I strongly believe that it is ultimately more beneficial than receiving lectures from teachers or producing notes on the matter. As the knowledge is firstly provided by an individual practicing the profession, who is guaranteed to possess extensive first-hand knowledge, and therefore can provide a dependable and decisive vision into the duties of a solicitor and provide evidence (in ways such as consultations) of these necessities, whilst also being in a position to highlight alternative routes to enter the profession, other than the traditional university route, by way of sharing their journey to their current status.

I would highly recommend participation in work experience, if given the opportunity, as it has been an unforgettable week. Working alongside such amazing people as Caroline Rooks in Conveyancing, Gillian Lavelle within family Law, Gemma Eastham in regards to Commercial Conveyancing and Paul Aynsley specialising in Litigation. Each of these incredible people kindly allowed me to work alongside them, whilst I possessed no knowledge of the profession whatsoever, providing me with; expert knowledge, answers to my many questions, a qualified insight into the career, suggestions and much needed help to better myself within the law: in my hope of becoming a solicitor in the subsequent future.

I would like to thank McCarthy Bennett Holland Solicitors, for providing me with this fascinating and enriching experience, and I would also like to go on to personally thank all the staff including Caroline, Gillian, Gemma, Sammy, Paul, Geri, Louise J, Jane, Linda, Rosie, Julie, Joanne, Megan, Kath and Louise H, for such an amazing week, you all made me feel so welcome and happily answered any question I had, I hope to return in the near future as a fully qualified solicitor, to inform you of the huge influence you all had to my life and career path.

Thank you so much,

Nathan Mckee

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