Family Mediation Update

Mediation Voucher Scheme

Going through disputes can be emotionally challenging whether they be divorces, finances or trying to agree on the best arrangement for your children. Settling these disputed can also be also be financially challenging. Costs such as solicitors’ fees and court fees can become quite expensive. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Family Mediation Council (FMC) have created a new scheme that will help to alleviate costs and cut down court time.

The new Mediation Voucher Scheme can offer up to £500 toward mediation costs.

How Does it Work?

The aim of the scheme is to encourage people to try to resolve their family disputes through mediation rather than through the courts wherever possible. The Mediators will make an application to the FMC for the allocation of a voucher. Then the FMC will determine if the funds are available. If it is determined that a voucher is available for the family matter, this will be paid directly to the mediation providers.

Who can benefit from the Scheme?

The scheme has been open since 26th March 2021 to anyone who attends a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). After the first MIAM, if it is agreed to continue with mediation sessions then the mediator will make the application for the voucher. Please note that the voucher cannot be used for the first MIAM.

Why Chose Mediation?

Unlike court proceedings, mediation leaves you in the driver’s seat. With the help of a mediator, both parties can discuss what they do and do not agree to until an agreement is made that both parties are happy with. Not only does this help to shorten the time frame to reach an agreement, there is no wait for a hearing date.  In addition, this helps to minimise some costs, such as court fees. Not only is mediation a great way to make initial arrangements, it is also an easier way to make any changes if this is necessary, for example, in cases of child care arrangements and changes as children get older.

If you wish to know any more information, please contact Gillian Lavelle in our Family Department on 01942 206060 or at

Mediation Voucher Scheme – Family Mediation Council

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